Are we going to see more of your beautiful pink toes soon?

Yes! I was planning on taking some today because it’s raining :)

You have such a pretty smile. What colour are your eyes?

Why thank you :) they’re more of a blue green color :)

Just wanted to say hi and I adore your cozytoesies. Lol :-*

Thanks :) and hello!

I love you soles.. you feet are amazing but your soles drive me crazy.. please keep showing them off..

I’ll remember to!:)

Has anyone ever sniffed your feet when they were stinky?

Besides me? Not really no.

Have you ever had your toes sucked?

I have!

New nail color!

Just painted my toes an ominous pink :)

A giantess it's the type of serial I have on my blog. A giant woman stomping out things in a way. Goes along the same lines as a foot fetish kinda

Ahh! Thanks!