Do your feet get touched/tickled a lot?

By me!

Are your feet ticklish?



Congratulations to michaeltphotos for getting the closest guess! He guess 95 photos when I have 93 photos in my photo vault of my feet. Thanks so so much for all the votes!

Less than two hours!

Send in your last minute guesses!

10 hours left

Only ten more hours left to submit your guesses!! No one has guessed the right amount yet, but are getting close!!

Send in your guesses!

Enter your 2 guesses to:
Kik: cozytoesies5678
Or in my ask!(:

Contest Begins Soon!

Hey everyone! The contest to win starts in just 5 hours :) get you best guesses ready!

*two entries per person, do NOT need to be in the same day. They can be though!